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Maxwell Amenity to be acquired by Agrovista UK Ltd

Posted by Sarah Collins in Maxwell Amenity28 October 2019

An agreement has been reached between Agrovista and the majority shareholders of Maxwell Amenity, and the transaction is expected to conclude in the next couple of months once the parties have finalised certain preparatory steps. Upon completion, Maxwell Amenity and Sherriff Amenity, the professional turf and landscape division of Agrovista,…

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Seven Aeration Army

Posted by Emma Brownlie in ALS, News19 September 2019

ALS Contracts’ fleet of machinery has again expanded with the addition of two new Wiedenmann Terra Spike XD6’s now taking the fleet to 7 Wiedenmann Terra Spikes. Increasingly ALS Contracts has been offering an “all fairways in one day” package to golf clubs across the UK. Interest has been favourable…

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ALS Contracts takes delivery of GroundPro MT200 Flex-Verticutter

Posted by Emma Brownlie in ALS, News19 September 2019

ALS Contracts has taken delivery of a Maredo MT200 Flex-Verticutter to expand and update its range of scarifiers for fairways and sports pitches. The tractor-mounted scarifier was launched by GroundPro, a trading division of Wiedenmann UK. It provides a rapid response to difficulties that may occur in the vital area…

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Stoke City Going for Green with ALS

Posted by Emma Brownlie in ALS, Maxwell Amenity, News18 September 2019

Andy Jackson is on a mission to become pesticide and nematicide free Few sports can compare to football in terms of its global popularity with devoted fans spread far and wide across the planet. Consequently, there are few sports that have a larger carbon footprint than the beautiful game. Andy…

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ALS Launch New Whiptec Tree Shelter

Posted by Emma Brownlie in ALS, Maxwell Amenity5 September 2019

ALS are delighted to announce the launch of Whiptec tree shelters, a new high quality range designed to enhance the establishment and survival rate of tree whips. The Whiptec tree shelters are rigid, twin-walled shelters that come preformed with a flared upper rim to limit bark abrasion and provide protection…

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